Here you will find all of the resources that you will need to help you complete your Young Leader training.

Young Leader Logbook

The Scout Association has created a Young Leader Logbook that can be found here.  It contains useful information about the scheme and areas that you can update as a Young Leader as you go through the training.  The book can be downloaded as a PDF, it is only 32 pages now after having a review in early 2018.

Young Leader Record Card

When you complete Module A you will receive a certificate that has a list of the Modules on the reverse and this can be used as a record of the training that you have undertaken.

Module Information

Click here for more details about the Modules in the Young Leader Training Scheme.

Mission Information

Click here for more information about the Missions you can complete as part of the Young Leader Training Scheme.

Young Leader Training

Details for the Young Leader Training Calendar can be found here.

The Badges

On completion of Module A you will be given your Young Leader Badge, this is the first part of recognition your achievement and commitment to being a Young Leader.

On completion of each Mission you will then be given a Mission Badge, these go around the Young Leader Badge to form a diamond.

Once you have completed all of the Modules and Missions you will be awarded the Young Leader Belt Buckle.  Only those that have completed all of the training will be given this so it will show what a great achievement you have made.