There are a number of different awards and badges available to get as an Explorer Scout, the number you get is up to you!

Core Badges

There are three core badges for Explorer Scouts

Membership Award   How to earn your badge

  1. Describe the various ways you can become an Explorer Scout in your area.
  2. Show you understand the Scout Promise and Law.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of local, national and international Scouting.
  4. After discussing it with your Explorer Scout leader, describe the Unit management and support available to you, including the Unit Constitution.
  5. Make the Scout Promise and accept the Scout Law.
Moving On Award (Explorers to Network)   How to earn your badge

Find out what your options are for being a member of Scouting in your area – including finding out about the Scout Network and volunteering
Attend both Explorers and Network for a short period of time (at least three weeks) and take an active part in the Network programme.

Participation Awards   These badges celebrate your commitment to Scouting, and taking an active part in the programme.

The badges are numbered, and you can be awarded a new badge every 12 months from the time you joined Scouting. If you were a member of a previous section, the badge numbers will continue from those you have already been awarded.

These badges are not section specific. They recognise the length of time you have been a member of the whole Scout movement.

In Explorers you can receive up to four Participation Awards.


Chief Scout’s Platinum Award  Cheif Scout Platenum This is the first Award for Explorer Scouts. More Information
Chief Scout’s Diamond Award  Cheif Scout Diamond The Chief Scout’s Diamond Award is the highest of the Chief Scout’s Awards, and the final step before the Queen’s Scout Award. More Information
Explorer Belt  explorer belt The explorer belt is the challenge of a lifetime, open to explorer scouts aged 16 and over and members of the scout network. It is a chance to take part in a ten-day expedition that brings a real understanding of a different country, its people and way of life. More Information
Queen’s Scout Award   Queens Scout Award This is for those in Scouts aged between 16 and 25 years old, it is the highest award that you can achieve as an Explorer Scout. More Information

Activity Badges

A full list of activity badges available to Explorer Scouts can be found here.

Staged Activity Badges

A full list of staged activity badges available to Explorer Scouts can be found here.


Last reviewed and updated 03/10/2017